Friday, March 20, 2009

40 Little Piggies

Chloe had a special request this morning. "Momma, will you polish my nails today, pretty please? My paint is really really chipped." She was right. Not an understatement. How could I deny that sweet request? Especially when it was topped with a pretty please? I am a sucker, couldn't. After breakfast I sat her up in the recliner, not quite "mall spa pedi style" but hey, at least I was speaking English the entire time. Oh, and not to mention I know that it is sanitary. Chloe was still as a rock (right) and the triplets were fascinated. I decided to be daring and polish their toes too. When Chloe was little I used to polish hers every once in a while. She would sit ever so patiently in my lap while I blew them dry. The triplets were a bit different. They loved the bright pink polish and wanted to touch it as soon as the first toe was done. I sat them each in the new camping chairs and they did sit still for a couple minutes. I kept telling them, "do like Sissy, sit still with your toes up like Sissy." Right. The littlest beauties don't really sit still, but they did try. They turned out pretty cute. They are VERY proud of their polished tootsies! Just ask them...they will show ya!

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