Monday, March 30, 2009

Good to be an American Girl

Can you tell she is excited?

Posing with their new bags.

Learning to curtsy

Julie model and doll

Kit model and doll
Kiya model and doll

Chloe and Molli getting ready for the show

Chloe and her doll Clara

Chloe attended her very first fashion show this past weekend. The American Girl Company and the Iowa Children's Museum put on a fashion show for little girls and their dollies. It was so much fun. Chloe and I went with Gramma Pam and Mollimarie. It was two hours of fashion, new styles and old. Chloe was so excited to see the little girls walking the run way with their dolls. They went through the history of each American Girl doll. All about the time in history she represents. Chloe keeps telling me all about the different things she learned about each doll. Her favorites are Kiya, the American Indian doll, Kit, from the 1950's (I think) and Julie, from the 1970's. She picked out a new wardrobe for Clara and especially wants the roller skate outfit. Of course Clara wants to be a Derby girl too! Chloe and Molli also learned about good table manners, how to take tea, and about also about making everyone feel welcome and special. They stressed the importance friendship and talked about making others feel welcome and involved. It was a big success. I really like the American Girl Company and how they strive towards empowering little girls, teaching them values that will help them to become empowered young women. The dolls are beautiful too. A bit expensive, but beautiful nonetheless.


Kelly said...

Okay, this is one post my daughter will NOT be seeing!! AWESOME!!

Rachael said...

how fun! i cannot believe how excited she was, that is so sweet!