Saturday, March 28, 2009

Milk Painting

The Little Beauties have a new favorite hobby...milk read correctly. They paint things with their fingers and their milk. Yucky. I began noticing there were more streaks than normal in all of the glass. Especially the front window and the sliding back door, oh and the TV screens. Hmmm. Little fingers leave lots of prints at our house. But these somehow seemed a it different. I continued to clean the glass every few days. Yesterday, I realized what was making this extraordinary artwork. Milk painting...they take a drink from their sippy cups and then walk to the window, liquid in check, and spit it on the glass, then they rub it into beautiful shapes and designs. Can I say, "where did they learn this? Not to mention GROSS." Although I think it is nasty, the Beauties find it super comical. They laugh and giggle so hard it almost makes it cute. Almost.

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