Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tiny Miracles Turn Two

As the foggy haze begins to settle in my eyes...I wish my tiny three a Happy Second Birthday today. It seems like yesterday when we welcomed three tiny precious miracles into our world.
It was a Sunday morning unlike any I have ever experienced. One I will never ever forget. I had been in the hospital nine plus weeks on bed rest. I had been feeling yucky. Regular contractions, which was my normal, always watched very closely by the nurses and doctors. I had not slept at all during the night and had a terrible pressure all night and into the early morning hours. When the doctors came into do their rounds, about six a.m. I mentioned this and they felt they needed to check my cervix, I agreed, knowing that if it had changed, even a tiny bit from the five it had been at, that it would be time to go. I began crying. When Dr Piehl came in, she had been on the night shift just getting ready to leave but they called her to check on me, I cried even more. She confirmed that today was the day I would meet my Beauties. The next two hours was a whirlwind. It went so fast, it seemed time literally stood still. Matt came, my parents and Chloe came, Val came, my Grandma. I was prepped for a cesarean, the NICU teams were there, a team for each baby. There were about forty people in the delivery room! It was amazing. I was so nervous, anxious, excited, scared, happy, worried...every emotion you could imagine all at once. I shook and cried. Everything happened so fast. Time continued to stand still.
10:37 a.m. Baby A. Jocelyn Pearl. 4lbs 12oz 16 3/4 in.
10:38 a.m. Baby B. Farrah Grace. 3lbs 9 oz 16 1/4 in.
10:38 a.m.+ Baby C. Silvie Mae. 4lbs 1 oz 16 1/2 in.
Three beautiful healthy baby girls. Our triplet baby girls. Our miracles were here. They were really here.
Jocelyn had some breathing problems in her first twenty four hours. She was ventilated and received surfactant in her lungs to help lubricate them and keep them open. She remained on oxygen for 3 days with a cpap. Farrah also was on oxygen with a cpap for 2 days. Silvie was on room air from day one. No oxygen for Silvie. They had some ups and downs. They were under bili lights several times. Were back and forth from isolettes and cribs because they were unable to maintain body temperatures. But overall they were very healthy and had very few issues, especially for 7 week preemies, during their NICU stay. They all began breastfeeding on day three of life. I am proud to say they had only milk from Mommy until they were 16 months old! They were in the NICU only 24 days and they all came home together on April 4th!
During the last two years we have learned lots together. Poopy diapers times three. Three babies up in the night. Three babies in swings at the same time, which leads to three times the batteries needed. Three babies ready to go. Three babies to load in the van. Three of every outfit to wash. Three of every outfit to fold and put away. Three to dress and three to bath. Three times the mealtime mess...three times everyday. Three coats to put on. Six shoes. Three times to breastfeed every two hours, sometimes more. Three times the toys to pick up. Three times the biting. This always leads to three smiles. Three times the kisses. Three times the hugs. Three times the giggles. The times the sleepy eyes looking up at you. Three times the tub troll hair dos. Three times the babies toes. Three times the baby tushies. Three times the sharing. Three times the laughter. Thirty little fingers to tickle me. Thirty little fingers to hold my hands. Three times the love. It is truly breathtaking to watch my children together. Together with each other. With their big sissy. With their Daddy and me. With their grandparents. They have so much love. The are truly tiny miracles...even though they aren't so tiny any more. I cannot imagine my life any different. I never in a million years would have thought that I would have triplets, but I am so fortunate that God trusted me with these tiny miracles. I am proud to be their Mommy.
Happy Birthday to my Sweet (and Feisty) Two Year Old Beauties!


Rachael said...

happy birthday girls!!!

Ed, Heidi and our 4 little Miracles said...

Where have these two years gone by? I remember our short amount of days together in the hospital sharing this wonderful experience together and becoming friends in such a magical way... we both have triplet girls! Happy Birthday girls... you are all so beautiful!

Rachel said...

WOW you are supermom breastfeeding triples till 16 months! Your my new hero. :)

And Happy Birthday Girlies!

Kelly said...

Happy birthday girls!! They keep getting more precious each time I see a picture!!

Todd, Kathy (& Veda) said...

I'm so moved by your post. You are a very lucky girl and all the girls are lucky to have such a loving mother;)) 16 months? I'm going to pass out just thinking about it! K

Meleah said...

You got me crying. Tears streaming down my cheeks.
Happy birthday girls!