Monday, March 2, 2009

Birthday Party on Wheels

Silvie resting on the way to the party.

Farrah too excited to rest.

Chloe and Jocelyn resting on the way to the party.

Mommy getting the birthday girls skates on. She is ready to skate.

Chloe and her magical cake. Made by Aunt Deanna. Unicorns by Grammy.

The magical cake, complete with Pegasus and Tinkerbell.

Haley and Mollimarie getting warmed up.

Chloe showing her backwards moves.

Sugar Mommy and her Granddad. Yep he is on roller skates! What a man!

Aunt Ande and Chloe.

Chloe with Mommy and Daddy.

Grammy helping Jocelyn.

Jocelyn was a natural.

Technical difficulties. Stand by one.

Papa Steve and Silvie.

Jocelyn and Mommy skating.

Daddy and cousin Molli and Jocelyn and Mommy.

Aunt Ande and Molli.

Getting ready for cake. Aunt Molly, Olivia, Mollmarie, Chloe and Keaton.

Meleah (Fonda Cuffs) and Hattie skating like pros.

Silvie skating. Look no hands Mommy!

Haley and Aunt Ande. Some more technical difficulties.

Silvie with Daddy and Mommy.

Silvie the skater.

Molly, Olivia and Laila.

Chloe, Hattie and Olivia. It's the girls club.

The pro skaters.

Chloe and Olivia running around like they own the place.

Daddy taking a breather. His wheels were on fire!

Chloe and her cousin Haley.

More pro skaters.

Chloe and Haley...what a couple of posers!

Mommy and Farrah rolling.

Jocelyn and Papa.
The skate party was a blast for all! If you ask Chloe it was a "derby party" not a roller skate party. She had friends and family all around, yummy cake and great music, and what would a birthday blast be without gifts? She received plenty! When I asked her what her favorite part was...she replied..."skating derby style with my friends Momma." Happy Birthday Sweetie!
Photos by Gramma Valerie.

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Rachael said...

it looks like it was a blast, how fun! i wanto go skating now :)