Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sand, Pinecones and Stray Cats

Sand...not tasting it today...always a good start.

Our "treasures" we found on our walk today. I giggle every time the Beauties say "pine cones" There are only three because Chloe is at Grammy and Papa's today. It just isn't the same without her here, especially when we go on treasure hunt walks. She always finds the best "treasures."
Farrah in the rock bed.

Silvie just being cute.

We have a rock bed around our house in the back. The fascination began with Chloe. She loved the rocks in in. Every time we played outside she would pick a special one from the bed and put it in the flower bed. She still does it. The littlest Beauties have also taken a liking to the rock bed. They love exploring all of the different types of rocks. They haven't even started throwing them yet...I said yet.
Climbing up the hill looking for treasures to put in their buckets. They should be all ready to hunt Easter eggs next month.

This is the "evil" stray kitty that runs around our house. Scary isn't he? I don't think he is really a stray, as he seems well fed, he is clean, he is friendly and he is wearing a collar. He likes to hangout with Scooby. I think they "tear" up the neighborhood at night prowling together. The Beauties have seen him before, from the inside, looking out. They always say "kitty, kitty" and make a big deal about him. Today while on the robin/treasure hunt (you can read about the robin hunt at Adventures of Sugar Mommy) they noticed the "evil" kitty in the neighbors yard. They watched it for a minute, made sure that I knew that the kitty was there and then went back to "bird watching". A few moments later the kitty decided the grass looked greener on our side of the fence...holy terror broke loose! The Beauties scattered screaming in ever living panic! Tears...Screams...The neighbors came to fence to see if they were okay...I chased the "evil" kitty out of the yard and the terror subsided. With tear streaked cheek's, all three chimed in "kitty bite, kitty bite, kitty bite, kitty bite!" I assured them the kitty would not bite them, that he didn't look hungry, however I am not sure they believed me. They kept one eye on the fence line to be sure that "evil" kitty did not return to our yard.

Here they are looking at the "evil" kitty before it jumped the fence.

Silvie spots the "birdie"

Farrah making sandcakes

The Little Beauties and their Sugar Mommy love being outside. We are so happy to say Spring in officially her and we missed her.


Rachael said...

how fun! i love the picture of the girls climbing up the hill on their hunt for treasures!

momstheword said...

You must have to much fun with your precious children. Loved the pictures and the "evil" kitty...hehehe!

BTW, I am praying for Stellan!