Monday, November 30, 2009

What have you done

Farrah, Farrah, Farrah.
You are going to drive Mommy to the nuthouse...
It started out as a normal morning. Daddy took Chloe to school. The triplets made a mess with their oatmeal, which in turn led to a mid morning bath. The beauties LOVE mid morning baths. They would play in their all day if I would allow it. However the water gets a bit cold...anyway...
I took them out one at a time, brushed their teeth and lifted them over the gate into the living room. Silvie was the last one out of the tub today, because she wanted to "swim." As I lifted her over the gate, I looked up and caught my dear, sweet little Farrah, sitting on the recliner with the bottle of baby lotion. Of course the cap was on the floor, and lotion was smeared EVERYWHERE. The chair was literally white on the seat. She had enough lotion on the chair to lotion, herself, her sisters, me and two towels. Pretty much the entire bottle. The chair is trashed. Not much hope for the saturated stain. What could I do besides...take a picture and then laugh? These are the days of my life.

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