Friday, November 13, 2009

Bad Blogger...updates on the Beauties

Yep that's me. A bad blogger. Sorry Grammy Pam. Sorry Auntie Molly. And sorry to anyone else who really reads me. We are keeping busy as usual. I am tired as usual. The Beauties are cute as usual...of course.
What's been happening? We are back in the land of the gated community.
Our gate between the kitchen and living room area broke several months ago. Too much traffic, or maybe too much climbing over it...but it broke. After the last week, I decided that I am just not ready to be without it. Yes the Beauties are 5 1/2 and 2 1/2. Yes they are getting to the age that they are old enough to understand "stay out of the kitchen!" However just because they understand does not mean they follow orders.
The last straw was when I got out of my luxurious 2 minute and 30 second shower (ahhhh refreshing...not) to find my three toddling beauties had moved their potty chairs into the kitchen and climbed their cute little tooshies right onto of the counter. One playing with the stove, one standing trying to get goodies from the cupboard and one chugging my freshly opened diet coke, saying while caught red handed "I like the pop."
NO MORE! I broke down and buy a second hundred and ten doller gate. Agh. The price is simply nuts. But we HAD to have it. Papa came to help install it last night. Thanks Poppy! Much to mu horror, if they try hard enough, they can get it open. Gonna have to "Sugyver" you know "Sugar Mommy and McGyver (sp?)" it. Still working on that part.
Moving on...
The littlest Beauties are POTTY TRAINED!!!! Yeah! I did it! They are doing great! Wearing panties from wake up until bedtime. A few accidents here and there but that's how it goes. Farrah is the nudist in the house. She hates clothes, especially panties. She prefers to go commando. Whatever works I say. We thought we would save so much a month giving up those diapers...although I will say the water bill has increased....A LOT...we like to flush and wash, and then go again, just enough to flush and wash again. In time we will be saving...I hope.
I had my first parent/teacher conference today with Ms. C. It was fantastic. Chloe is a star! Sorry, was I bragging? Oh well...I can brag about her, I am her Mommy. Ms. C. had great things to say about her. She is ahead of average on her reading skills, writing skills and she follows directions ALWAYS. She is a leader and a caretaker of her peers. She helps them and guides them and is loved by all of her classmates. I am so PROUD of her. I saw work from her first few weeks compared to the late week and it is amazing! She is really excelling and loving school!
I promise to be better at updates and pics...after all we have a long winter ahead of us.


Mudge said...

go chloe! that is awesome! you need to teach olivia some of your best traits. :) love you.

bang said...

LOL "I like the pop" frikkin' funny.

terra said...

hopped onto your blog from blogfrog (somehow i forget how exactly I got there!) - love reading about your adorable family! don't know how you do it with triplets - God bless you! my four girls are luckily all spaced out! (although at times I wonder if it might be better to cram them into the same age...)
hope your little one gets over the pukies soon!