Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Benny and Stuart

Last Monday was a difficult day with a happy ending. Chloe came home from school. Happy as usual of course. As she walked into the kitchen, she noticed immediately that the hamster cage was not there. "Where's Jasmin?" Earlier that day...I realized I had not seen Jazmin in the wheel as I always do at various time throughout the day. When I opened the cage, a wave of a horribly distinct smell came out. Jasmin had passed. Matt and I decided to bury her. We discussed for some time what to do. We finally agreed that it may be more traumatising for Chloe to see her hamster dead. So we buried her. Thinking we would have a little prayer service that evening. Wrong. Chloe wanted to see her dead hamster and tell her goodbye. Great we are terrible parents. She wanted to dig her up. After some time, I convinced her that we should not dig her up. During this convincing, I some how agreed to get her a new hamster. Man she knows how to play on Mommy's soft side. Mood improved 90 percent. As we entered the pet store, mood upgrade to 100 percent normal. As we picked up and met some of the different hamsters, some how I ended up agreeing to two. Hmmm. How did that happen? She was tickled pink. Benny and Stuart she would name them. Welcome home Benny and Stuart. May you live long and happy lives.

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