Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No Sickies

I am happy to report that the "puke in the crib" incident was isolated. All four are healthy. (Knock on wood.) I cannot say how grateful I am of healthy children.
It seems as though the triplet Beauties are going through some type of bedtime boycott. Every night for the last week, they are doing a lot of stalling at bedtime. They are sitting on their potties for extended periods of time while going through the bedtime prep. Using the "I poop" excuse. But they don't poop. Then it's many random items to their beds, you know, papers with alligators on them (about ten sheets covered in gators that Grammy drew) multiple stuffties, extra blankets, extra pillows, dollies (not just one doll either. Farrah had seven in her bed tonight) matchbox cars, any and every penguin stufftie in the house, all items having to be perfectly placed. Covered, recovered and then covered again. Crying for a while. Then the final stage...talking. Tonight they were not quiet until after ten. Good thing we have cribs tents. I love the crib tents.
Here's to hoping that the easy to sleep stage comes back to us soon.

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Meleah said...

Ha ha ha! I didn't know the "I need to poop" excuse was universal! Mine do that too. :)