Saturday, November 21, 2009

Think I'll stick to Roller Skates

Tonight was Elementary night at the ice arena for Chloe's school. Of course we went...cannot pass that up. She had a great time and did very well for a first timer. She fell a lot but giggled every time. By the end of the two hours she was really starting to get the hang of it. She was very disappointed open skate had come to an end. Mommy however, well let's just say I prefer my roller skates to ice skates any day. My ankles are killing me. Those ice skates are so stiff around the ankles, I'm not sure how figure skaters can do all those fancy moves. I am proud to say SugarMommy stayed on her feet the entire time. Not to mention my right bicep had a tremendous workout hanging on to and pulling up the Beauty. Daddy even had his first time on skates tonight. He was not a fan. Being on the skates killed his ankles. He only lasted about fifteen minutes, but was glad he was able to do it for even a little while with Chloe. It meant a lot to her too. She was very excited to have Daddy there! The littlest Beauties watched in delight and sat so still while Chloe and Mommy skated. It is safe to say that we will do it again. But I still prefer 4 wheeled skates to a blade.

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