Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Card Flunkies

I would like to begin by saying...I WILL send out holiday cards...I promise. They maybe Valentines. I didn't say which holiday, right?
The girls and I tried to make cards with our family Santa picture. We bought the disc instead of prints, that way we could make our own pictures and cards with it. Well, that's what we thought. The good news is the Santa picture was very cute. The bad news, the file is too big and will not upload to make the cards.
So, long story short, yesterday the girls were finally all snot free, and in fairly good moods. I broke out the chocolate covered pretzels (as bribery) and starting catching shots. Silvie would not get in the picture if she couldn't sit in the doll chair in the picture. Jocelyn has started making silly faces in all pictures. Farrah likes to put her hands in her mouth. Jocelyn was picking her nose in one. (we will send that one to Gama Val) They were all saying Ho Ho Ho in several. Of course we had some serious silliness, and yes I did have to break out the bribery...so there are also photos with the chocolate pretzels. It was an interested photo shoot. We had some fun, some giggles and a few tears. But in the end...I think I have one for the holiday cards.

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