Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa is watching you

Matt and I took the Beauties to see Santa. We were very interested in how the triplets would react to the man in the red suit. We had been at the mall early last week and when we walked past him, they all put their heads down in their hands and would not even look in his direction. Whenever Santa was mentioned, it was met quickly with an "I no like him. I no like Santa." After some convincing on my part, Matt's part, and Gramma Pam's part, we finally got them to say, "I like him. He's nice." So of course we had to give it a try. We went to the first mall, and wouldn't you know it...Santa is only there on weekends. So then we loaded back up and drove to the other mall. Luckily he was working at that mall instead. Wink. We walked up and got into line. It was bring your pet night, so there were plenty of K9 critters to keep them occupied while waiting. As we wrapped around the line, Silvie was getting nervous and started the "I no like him" again. It was our turn, Chloe walked right up and sat down on Santa's lap. This was really the first year she was not gun shy. The triplets were not going anywhere near that jolly dude. We decided a family photos with Santa to be the only option. Farrah cried a lot. She would not even look at the camera. But Daddy got her to look up just enough to see her face in the photo. After the snapshot was taken, Santa and Chloe talked about what she wanted. She told him Moxie girls and Barbies (of course) and Santa told her he was going to bring her some teeth. She thought that was pretty funny. Then it was Silvie's turn. She looked up at him and you could just see the nervousness build in her. But she told him what she wanted. "A pink box. With a cherry." He also told her Farrah wanted one too. Jocelyn took her turn although she was much more reserved than Sil. She told Santa she wanted a "Purple box. With a cherry." Santa said he would do his best. I was so impressed! Three out of four talked to him. That has to be a record. Silvie is still walking around talking about Santa. She also now says he is nice and that she likes him, Jocelyn agrees. Farrah on the other hand, still does not like him. Chloe just can't wait until Christmas!

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