Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Favorites

Ahh...the holidays are here. I am so excited about Christmas this year! They Beauties are loving everything to do with Christmas. The lights, baby Jesus, the trees, Santa, elves, candy canes...everything.
They have a new favorite too. The Polar Express. They love it and watch it over and over if you let them. They know all of the scenes and tell you what will happen before it does. It makes me smile as it was Chloe's favorite movie for a long long time. She also watched it over and over. Matt can be standing in another room and repeat lines in the movie with the characters. Funny. The Beauties love it when Daddy sings Hot Chocolate and says "All Aboard!"
On the holiday note...I think it will be Happy New Year cards from the Beauties this year. If you normally receive one and have's because I have not had time to get things together. Mainly I do not have a picture of all four of them together that I can use on a card, and as you know...I take a lot of pictures. They will be out before Valentine's Day. I promise.

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Mudge said...

Find a collage card and put 4 seperate pix. They have really cute options on Hyvee and they come out to 24 cents a piece for 100. You can pick them up at any store or have them mailed to you. I did 3 sep pix of the girls for ours last night. Better late then never, eh!