Saturday, December 19, 2009


We have LOTS of security items at our house. We call them "loveys". I think it is safe to is out of control.

There are blankets and fifis (pacifiers), stuffed animals and baby dolls. The triplets have taken "loveys" to a new level.
Here is a rundown...

Jocelyn: Pingo baby and mama (stuffed penguins), "Pollie" (stuffed polar bear) and three blankets, which are put on her in a certain order.
Farrah: Four "baby Janes" (Bitty Babys. Hers and all three of her sisters they sleep at her feet), three stuffed monkeys, a naked Barbie, a hard plastic horse (for Barbie) a reindeer ornament (it's legs, tail, antlers and ears are broken off from being dropped) they all sleep next to her, heads on her pillow and five blankets, four for her and one for the baby janes.
Silvie: Two stuffed white tigers, a small tiger, twelve sheets of paper with alligators drawn on them, "Fiona" pez dispenser, Red Nosed Reindeer book, alligator squishy times two, three Santa ornaments all of which are ON her pillow and six blankets, one covering all of her "loveys" and five for her. Oh, and Silvie's blankets have to go in a specific order, NO EXCEPTIONS.
The bedtime routine makes me very tired...and they will NOT sleep until everything is in "it's" place.

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