Tuesday, December 22, 2009

House made of sweets

Sweets...right up the Little Beauties alley. We had a busy Sunday doing some last minute shopping, gift wrapping, and we even tried our hand at holiday "baking." Okay, I guess you really cannot call it baking...Chloe and I made a gingerbread house. The house was assembled in the box...but we did decorate it! I must say that Chloe did a most wonderful job! The icing was a bit thin and running everywhere, but eventually we figured it all out. The end result, a House made of sweets.
We also dipped pretzels for the first time. Chloe and I decided
the triplets should help. They helped all right. Helped make a big ole mess. Oh well it was priceless to watch them dip the pretzels. lick the chocolate off and then re-dip the pretzels, lick the chocolate off and re-dip the pretzels again.
Don't worry if we delivered some to your house, I made sure to use fresh chocolate and dry pretzels for your treat.

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