Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ball House

Dear Ball House,
The Little Beauties received you for Christmas. We decided to blow you up today. Oh how they loved you for a short short time. They jumped and threw balls. They had a grand time for about an hour...then they popped you! You sure didn't last very long. Poor, dear ball house. I guess we will be laying you to rest and your 100 balls too. You will be missed.
Love, Sugar Mommy

Update....maybe since the Little Beauties loved you oh so very much...we can try another one?

Be sure to check out the static hair in the ball house photos...

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Ed, Heidi and our 4 little Miracles said...

That is so funny... it happened to us too! The girls got the one that has the goals for soccer and yep, they popped one of the goal posts! We put it away for now too!!