Friday, December 5, 2008

Sugar Mommy=Soft Hearted

Remember Scooby? Our cat? Well he has been living outside, by choice. His choice. He doesn't want to be inside. He would much rather hang it up with all the neighborhood cats. Roam all hours of the night. Prowl, sneak around, "purr-ooze" if you will. Well last night I went out to feed and give him some fresh water. If I must remind is down right frigid outside. So I made an executive decision...he is now back inside. He didn't put up a fuss. I think he agreed that it is too cold to be on the prowl. With that said, he has been outside since spring time and he needed a bath. Cat+Bath=Fun. My dear sweet hubby, who might I also say, "loves" the cat, bathed him. The Beauties thought this was a riot! They squealed and laughed in delight. Scooby didn't mind the bath much. Her "pursed" (Chloe's word for purring.) the entire time. Scooby is once again an indoor cat. He was so thankful for Matty for his bath, he resumed he normal sleeping station, on top of Matt last night. (Yes, this is one of the many reasons Matt loves him so dearly.) It is kind of strange to hear him meowing again...but I am a softy. I couldn't bare the thought of finding my frozen kitty on the deck. Welcome Home Scooby!


All these B's and Me! said...

Awww, Scooby is back inside!! YAY - I have a outside cat too but he will scratch at the back door at night to come in and sleep. Soon as the sun comes up he sits by the door waiting for someone to let him out so he can go whoring the neighborhood.. He's a STUD, lol.

Sugar Mommy said...

Yep...That is our Scooby! He was begging to be let out all day today!

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