Friday, December 12, 2008

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

You are not taller than me!
We decked out the tree today. The Little Beauties loved pulling the ornaments off the tree, however did not like putting them on the tree. Chloe was too busy playing house with the barbie and spider man ornaments, to help, so it was Matty and I. The beauties were very interested in the lights and also with crawling under the tree. After finishing the decorating we watched as the beauties lurked around the finished product. The tree did not stand upright long. Less than thirty minutes to be exact. They pulled or maybe pushed it over...on Farrah! Yes...she is fine. We "reset" up the tree, only to have it go over again not ten minutes later. We lost a few ornaments in the fall. The tree has been relocated to the downstairs family room...I liked it better upstairs...and so did the beauties.


rachael said...

oh no! you are scaring me!

Jessica said...

Oh no! We haven't gotten ours up yet but I am hoping and praying that Jack doesn't do the same thing.

gina said...

Oh my gosh! I don't miss that stage...well, actually I do. Time flies-so even the crazy moments shine in our hearts forever!