Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bathroom Fun

I will start by saying I know I am not the only one, but I had to share.
I have often pondered where my high maintenance attitude has gone. In fact, I have written about it several time since the birth of our blog. Yet every time the question "pops" into my mind...I begin to think of the many reasons it has been pushed right out the nursery window (with a stiff kick to the rear.) Long story short, I made a list.
1. My beauties don't care what my hair looks like. (Although whenever the mailman or other delivery person comes to the day, they act "shocked" by my appearance.)
2. Who has the patience to listen to four hollering beauties while trying to shave your legs?
3. Who can stand to have all four beauties pulling EVERYTHING out of the bathroom drawers in 5 seconds flat? (Sixteen times, just while brushing my top teeth, it was another 18 with the bottom half.)
4. All three of the littlest beauties need a clothing change by the end of "MY" 2 minute shower. (I do enough laundry!)
5. In the time it takes me to gather clothing from my closet (downstairs) Chloe has managed 10 different eye shadow shades, blush, mascara and mine and daddy's deodorant. Yeah she's that quick.
6. When I gate them out of the bathroom, they stand (all 4) at the gate crying, fighting and yelling Mama the entire time the water in running. Ahh, so relaxing.
7. I am so tired by the time they are in bed, if I haven't snuck one in, it may as well wait until tomorrow. After all, I am gong to take one then anyway, right?
8. Matt works nights now.
9. It's better for your hair color to wash every four day, right?
10. The littlest beauties climb. On their potty chairs, step stools, the toilet and of course each other. All in the attempt or shall I say challenge of getting to their toothbrushes and the water faucet. I guess it is good they like to brush regularly.
11. They love the things that plug in, hairdryers, flatirons...I have to lock them out for their safety.
12. Toilet Paper...need I really say more?
13. The toilet...again, need I say more?
14. They love throwing things into the shower with me. Towels, fifis, stuffed animals, books, anything they can lift is fair game. (Yes the house is baby proof. But no house is ever really triplet proof.)
I could go on and on. But these are some of the basic reasons I always look like I haven't taken a shower. I pick my battles. Today I lost the battle, since I decided to take one between breakfast and lunch. Tomorrow is another day another conquest. Tonight I will take comfort in knowing my husband and my beauties love me even if I do have messy hair and a make-up free face, or if on a not so great day, I may not smell like a goddess! They think I am.

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