Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Halloween night 2008
What a wonderful night for spooks and goblins.
Warm weather perfect for a little haunting.
It is safe to say that the Little Boo-ties enjoyed Halloween. From the costumes to the candy and everything in between. We began our evening at Aunt Susie and Uncle Mike's haunted yard. The girls loved everything except for the doggies (which they were scared to death of). We gave hugs and kisses and took some pictures, and of course started the pumpkin filling! We headed to Gramma and Papa's next to have PB&J's (thanks Papa) before heading out to collect some yummies! We hit Atrium first, the residents had lots of goodies to fill the pumpkins. We treated on Brady Street, and visited some old friends. As we made our way back to Gramma and Papa's we made a stop at the haunted yard. Mommy was a bit nervous that the Boo-ties would be a little afraid...they LOVED it! After making our way back our last stop was at Carl and Judy's house. The Boo-ties received LOTS of good treats, quarters and hugs. Mommy even got a treat there...a bottle of cranberry wine...yummy! We wrapped up the night with face washing and jammy donning. Gave lots of hugs and kisses said goodbye and headed for bed. The Littlest Boo-ties were asleep before we left the driveway. What a fabulous night! No coats, no hats, minimal tears and LOTS OF HAUNTING! Can't wait until next year!

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