Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa from your Little Punkins!

Look out Food Network...

Here I come!

Mmmm...cake batter...

We love you Papa!
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday dear Papa
Happy Birthday to You!
We love you Papa, and are so excited for your party tonight! It has been a busy day of preparing. We started this morning and realized Mommy had no sauce to make lasagna! Homemade sauce you're thinking...yeah right, we are talking about me here, I burn water, remember...So we decided since we had to go out and get the sauce...we would make a visit to the Great Gramma at Flowerama to get some balloons for Papa and then go visit him at Atrium. The Beauties LOVED Flowerama...there is a lot of things to break in there ya know! Papa was very surprised to see us. Each of the Beauties, or as Papa calls them, "his little punkins" gave him a balloon and then we paraded around Atrium saying hello to the residents. They are always amazed and full of smiles for the Beauties! The lasagna is finished (looks pretty yummy too) The cake is complete (Chloe did most of it herself. If you find a shell...sorry.) We are just awaiting the Littlest Beauties to wake up from nap-time and we will be southbound to Hills! Stay tuned for some party photos to come later this evening.

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