Monday, October 6, 2008

Mullet Girl

Okay I know it sounds kind of funny...but it is not. Silvie's hair is falling out! Or she's pulling it out! Or a combination of the two! I am so worried. Sounds vain, but her beautiful hair! I made an appointment with her Pediatrician for Thursday. The nurse at the clinic says there are several things that can cause this. Poor sweetie. The entire front part of her hair is missing. I suspect pulling is the main problem. She has started a new habit with her "fifi". She grabs a section of hair with the "fifi" and pulls it down over her eyes and nose and into her mouth with the rubber part. This started about a ten days ago. We thought it was so cute when she started it. We noticed her hair missing Thursday, which makes it not so cute and more worrisome that her hair is coming out, and so easily. She literally has a mullet look going right now.

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