Monday, October 13, 2008

Little Beauties at the Pumpkin Patch

Getting ready to go to the Pumpkin Patch. Can you tell Chloe is more than ready to go?

Chloe and Mommy practicing with the apple picker.

Daddy pulling the Choo-Choo up hill.


Apple taste testing

Farrah found her pumpkin

Farrah and Silvie looking for "baby" pumpkins

Farrah found another pumpkin she likes

Jocelyn "touching" the merchandise

Silvie found her pumpkin

Jocelyn posing with her apple

Silvie taste testing

Farrah thinking about taste testing

Farrah helping Chloe

Jocelyn riding her pumpkin

Farrah and Silvie with their "baby" pumpkins

More taste testing (we did a lot of that)

Chloe found her pumpkin still on the vine

What a fun afternoon we had the the patch. Honey Acre Orchards. We picked lots of apples. Ate apples. Looked for special pumpkins, grown just for us. Ate some more apples. The Little Beauties ran around like they owned the place. Matt and I decided that we would love to own an orchard/pumpkin patch (maybe someday.) By the way...almost all of our apples have been eaten already! We have discovered the Little Beauties love to eat them with skin and NOT cut into slices. Yep. They prefer the entire apple. Whatever works.


Anonymous said...

Did you make those shirts?! I made some just like that after seeing them in Family Fun!

I love that you take so many pictures of your girls! They will appreciate that so much when they're older, and so will you!

Sugar Mommy said...

Yes I do get a lot of practice taking photos don't I? We finished the dying of the shirts and then I saw the Family Fun...coolI had a good idea...I am thinking of adding the jack-o-lantern faces! I think they make them really cute!!
You vacation in Colorado sounded wonderful!!!