Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Papa's Party Night...part 2

We started the party with a walk in Hills. The Little Beauties, Papa and I walked to the school to pick up Mollimarie from her afterschool program. Molli was excited to have her cousins pick her up. We played outside at Papa and Gram's for a while until everyone else arrived. Of course they Beauties took a ride in their cars. Chloe played frisbee with Jesse and we worked up a case of the "hungries". Dinner was yummy. The Littlest Beauties really enjoyed the lasagna. Chloe wouldn't try it...big surprise...After dinner we sang Happy Birthday to Papa...twice. He even got to blow out his candles twice. (The Beauties love singing and blowing out candles.) Cake was everyone's favorite. No shocker, huh? It was a good evening with Papa and Grammy, Nana Reta, Uncle Chad and Aunt Dee were there too. Jesse even enjoyed some of the birthday yummies. (She helped clean up the floor after the Beauties were finished eating.) We did a little dancing with skeletons and playing with Uncle Chaddy's phone after dinner. The Little Beauties even learned how to blow a whistle tonight. Happy Birthday Papa...we enjoyed spending the day with you!

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