Friday, August 1, 2008

Bad Haircut

Here's how the day went...Matt was home today. He spoiled me this morning and let me sleep in. So wonderful to sleep until 9:00 a.m. Thanks sweetie, I needed it more than you know. Then girls took a 2 1/2 hour nap this morning...Another wonderful thing. I went to a dermatology appointment. Went well, quick and easy. I saw a friend that works in the clinic next to my doc, got some friend hugs and chatted a bit. After that I had an appointment to have my hair trimmed. As you my remember, I went with my BFF a couple months ago and got the "mommy-do" which I have been loving, but I was due for a trim. You know just to clean it up a bit. My normal stylist recently moved to another state...not convenient if you need a haircut, so I when I scheduled I just went with the first available...big mistake. First of all, when I arrived it turns out I know this gal we will call "Annie" through a friend of a friend. Started out a bit weird...she was looking on her cell phone for a picture of her child to show to me. (That part was fine, however, when she realized she couldn't find her photos on her new phone she just purchased yesterday, she plopped into the chair next to me, and decided to call her cell phone company. Hmmm, excuse me, I am sitting here with this stupid looking cape on to get a hair cut, not to watch/listen to you talking to your phone company. Common sense would say, I will call them after I finish with this client. I mean it would be one thing if her child was hurt or scared or something like that. Then as it turned out, after she hung up with said phone company, she found the pictures. Next she goes on to tell me her entire life story. Not that I mind friendly conversation, but come on...more attention needed to be paid to my hair and the scissors she was cutting it with. I kept telling her I was VERY HAPPY with the style, just wanted it refreshed. She just kept talking and cutting. My hair trim took over 2 hours. Come on! I have had cut/color/style that have been quicker than 2 hours. She even washed it twice...because she put the "wrong product in" and couldn't get it to "do what she wanted". By this time I was feeling, oh so confident...not. Then she got the scissors out again, because "this sides longer" then it was "this side is longer". Finally she said "after you go home and wash it a couple times it should lay right." What??? You washed it twice and it still isn't laying right! In fact it was laying much better before I walked in here. You are the "professional". I think she could tell I was worried. It really was the first time in a long time I was having to fight back tears in the chair. When I got home, Matt looked strangely at me and said nothing. Then later he said, wow, it is screwed up huh? I went to the bathroom, washed, dried, and busted out the flat iron. Didn't help, not even a little bit. It is uneven to say the least. The "angle" really would be better described as "*!@()! short in the back" and then it drops into 2 longer pieces on the side. Not much longer. It looks more like a really bad "bowl cut" There is NO angle, it is a drop. It looks awful! Trust me, I am not just being over critical. Matt said call the owner (who I know as I have been going to this salon for a few years). Then he said, "It's just hair babe, it will grow back." The hug he gave me helped for a minute, then I walked past the microwave and caught my reflection. Believe me, I didn't need any help with the way I look these days, well not in that direction anyway. So next time you see me, please don't say "your hair's cute" or "it's not that bad" because I will know that you are telling a big fat "fibber".


FECU said...

no, i've got a bad haircut!! hehehe
i say have someone fix it up for you and you will feel so much better sista! no more of whatever you called her....'the thief'!! look at her hair! :)

Sugar Mommy said...

That's why you are my BFF!
Just think in a year or so...your hair will be back! Beautiful as ever!