Sunday, August 17, 2008

Update on the Sickies

The week has been a long one. Being sick stinks. I think the girls are feeling better today. They are still a bit on the cranky side, but no one has a fever, knock on wood. We have had 3 nights this week, when all 4 have been up the majority of the night. Silvie and Jocelyn both took a turn crying for an entire night. The third night I guess everyone just felt like partying! Chloe and Farrah just didn't want to miss out on the "party". The triplets can sense when one of the others is not in the room or is crying or not feeling well. They give one another lots of sympathy. I am so glad that the four of them are normally healthy kids. Having one sick is so difficult. Having 4 sick is horrible! Mostly because it is simply impossible to comfort all of them at the same time. Makes me feel so bad. We are truly fortunate that they have only had a couple illnesses. A couple ear infections and that nasty flu bug. I cannot imagine this being a regular occurrence. I would seriously jump! I am looking forward to a better week this week! I am confident that the girls are too!

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