Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Feeling better...finally

All is much better at our house. It's been almost three weeks of sick kiddos at our house. If I ever figure out where it came from, or who, I will be sure to share how I feel about it with them. I try to be a total germ freak! I have hand sanitiser in EVERY room in EVERY diaper bag, in the car, I even bought some germ wipes to keep in my purse. It has paid off, we are a pretty healthy clan, but when it hits it hits hard. Seems like it takes FOREVER to get everyone healthy. The girls are back to normal and sleeping all night. We did have to go through the two hour "CIO" thing again, but only for one night...thank goodness! I really have a difficult time letting them cry for five minutes, let alone two hours. Matt said it had to be done. It worked, Daddy is always right, well not always, but I will let him think so for today. We had a great day yesterday. Walked to the straight mall (as Chloe calls it), Chloe had her hair cut, had a cookie and walked around in the mall. They were happy little clams. Maybe just excited to be out of the house. Here are the girls having fun with their new water bottle toppers. Who needs toys when you have a plain old bottle of water?

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Kelli said...


I just saw your comment on my blog, and that wasn't a weird question at all! In fact, you are the third person to ask me! I wanted to let you know that eventually I will sell my highchairs....but I am not quite ready yet. We had 4 or 5 days not using them, and then 2 days where I had to use them for one meal each day (over the weekend). Basically, if they don't stay in their chairs, i give them one warning, and then i bring out the highchair.

Here is where I ordered them, but I know there are lots of places to order the restaurant style highchair: http://www.everyhighchair.com/Restaurant-High-Chairs-C70620.html?all=1

I looked at your blog real quick.....your girls are SO adorable! I am happy to hear that everyone is feeling better!

By the way, I think we have the same strollers as you....the Peg Perego and the Mountain Buggy...same colors too!

I look forward to reading your blog now! Thanks for your comment!

Take care,