Friday, August 8, 2008

Honey, It's not Wally

We ventured to Kent Park yesterday. We packed a picnic lunch, the stroller, the fishing gear and the kiddos and had a great day together. We started the trip at the super Wal-Mart, needed a few fishing supplies. The "snoopy pole" needed a replacement. Chloe picked her new pole out all by herself...are you ready...yep...she picked a "Princess pole". YEAH! A Princess pole! Not a camouflage one, not a boyish one! I bright pink one with Cinderella, Belle and Sleeping Beauty on it. All I have to say is hahahaha! We left and reloaded the girls in the van. When we arrived at Kent Park, the triplets were catching a napper, of course, so we toured the park for a while and scoped out our spot. Nice and shady, along the trail and close to the water. We unloaded the troop and walked to our spot. Spread out the blankets and dined on PB&J, Doritos (Mommy and Chloe's favorite), cheese, bananas, Puffs and some fresh berries. Chloe was ready to fish. As I reloaded the triplets in the stroller, Chloe and Daddy started getting her new pole ready. Did I mention, it's a Princess pole? When the pole was ready for the bait, he opened a can of worms, literally. Chloe began to cry, she was so upset, "Daddy, I like worms! Please don't hurt them!" I tried not to chuckle as Matt looked my way. I said "I keep telling you, Chloe is not the hunter! She loves animals too much! When she realizes what hunting is she is not going to want anything to do with it!" Then Daddy knelt beside her and explained why worms were important to fishing. She then asked "what if that's my pet worm Wally?" Daddy assured her it was not her pet worm Wally, and she agreed to let him bait the hook. (With tears in her eyes). Jocelyn, Farrah, Silvie and I began our hike around the trail. We walked all around, looking at birds and flowers and enjoying the sunshine and nice breeze. It was a beautiful day. About halfway around the trail, I thought to myself, wow, I am really out of breathe. When I really thought about it, the stroller without kids weighs 65 lbs, add 3 kids and I was pushing over 115lbs! I would say I got a GREAT workout. Chloe and Daddy caught 2 fish and then released them. We took some pictures to send into John Campbell! On the way home Daddy told Chloe she was a great angler. Then he made sure to say "a great archer and a great angler!, yep, she's the tomboy." Hmmm, we will see.

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