Friday, August 22, 2008

Pretty Toesies

Chloe and I had a really GREAT afternoon today. This is quite a change from the last several. It seems that my sweet little "mommy's girl" really likes to keep mommy's nerves at attention these days. Typical four-year-old stuff. But that doesn't make it pleasant. We (by which I mean Chloe) likes to use the phrases "I'm scared", "not by myself" "no I will not" and "I don't want to". Oh and my personal fav..."Daddy is the easy one, you are the hard one." Hmmm, well I guess I have no come back to that one. Daddy IS the easy one. But that is only because he works outside the home full time and not at home full time. Enough said. We spoke with her doc at her 4 year well check, she offered ideas on reward charts, stickers and prizes earned quickly. Given for things such as being a good helper. Eating healthful meals, not whining and the BIG ONE...SLEEPING ALONE! Tried it...not Chloe's bag. She could give a rats patootie about stickers on a chart. We tried rewards after small achievements...example...Nim's Island was just released a few weeks ago (she really loved it in the theater) we said, "let's start night in your own bed and we will get it for you." She agreed, then when the movie came home she told us to take it back because "I guess I do not want it if I have to sleep all by myself." She is a SMART kid. So, back to today, The girls all stayed in bed until almost 8:30! Stop the Press Batman! That never ever happens! (Thanks Beauties.) She was in a fabulous mood. She was Mommy's little helper all day. She earned $2.00 folding washcloths. ($1.00 per four...I know, good rate...we go through a lot of washcloths at our house, so it's worth it to have help). She shared and played nicely with her sisters and even ate all her dinner...even her lost love cantaloupe! She even tried steak and rice! She didn't like it...oh least she tasted it! So after the monkeys were in bed, Chloe and Mommy hit the mall and treated ourselves to pedi! She picked a sparkly pink and even has little flowers on her toes. It was fun and relaxing! A great way to spent time alone with her. I very much enjoy taking my sweet little Chloe to get pampered! She deserved it today. At bedtime...she still didn't fall asleep alone, but she went right down after two stories, and it is 12:30 and she is still in bed by herself. Maybe there is hope...Time will tell I suppose.

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