Friday, August 22, 2008

Dress Up Beauties

It was a fun Friday at our house. Another day of sleeping until almost 8:30. Loads of laughter and silly willies today. After the girls' nap, we decided to tear apart Chloe's room. We entered the dress-up trunk. For those of you that do not know Chloe...she is the dress up goddess! No...I really mean GODDESS. This child changes her clothes at MINIMUM...TWENTY SEVEN times EVERY SINGLE DAY! Sunday through Saturday, holidays too. She has more clothes than I do! Some of the outfits are pure fashionista and others are pure clownista. With an entire spectrum in between. The triplets had so much fun playing in the princess dresses, jewelry, hula shirts, witch hats, Minnie mouse ears, plastic shoes, purses, mermaid tails, magic wands, crowns, hats, gloves, feather name it...we got it...We spent over 2 1/2 hours changing and dancing and giggling and taking snapshots. (Please be sure to view the photo show above, if you don't must be a mean and grouchy person.) I am confident this will become a regular thing at our house...If you need birthday/Christmas ideas...dress up stuff is sure to be a winner. Chloe thinks it great that her sisters love it as much as she does. Just promise next time you drop by...excuse the mess of clothing strung all through out the instead of one fashionista/clownista...I have four...not including myself of course.

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