Thursday, August 14, 2008


It's been a few months since I pulled an "all-nighter." I can honestly say, Thank heavens the girls sleep all night now. I have been questioning how on earth I went on such tiny amounts of sleep for 15 months straight! Seriously, I am not sure how I did it, or if I could do it again.
Silvie Mae is not feeling better at all. She went to sleep about 8pm and was awake and screaming at 10:30. She literally cried from 10:30 until about 5:30 this morning. Matt and I both took a turn in the car, driving around with her (which was the only way we could get her to stop screaming). Then at 4:00 am we loaded all four girls (everyone was awake and crying again) and drove around the county. Boy, we haven't done that since Chloe was a tot. Good thing too gas is too expensive these days. We arrived back home, Jocelyn and Farrah were asleep. We put the triplets back in bed and Silvie began crying again. We were loaded up 2 different times in the night to take her to the ER. We even had to call Gma Pam to come over at 5 because she was crying so hard. Then she calmed down and laid next to Chloe on the couch and watched the Doodle-bops. We decided to wait until 7 when the Peds Clinic opened. She finally fell asleep at 6:30ish and slept for about 2 hours. We talked to the nurse this morning, who then consulted a doc. They feel that her ear drum/drums may have ruptured, which causes severe pain. We are on the look out for draining from one or possibly both of her ears. They said that when the ear drum is bulging (which hers was yesterday) that the pressure builds so much that it can rip or burst. Ouchy! Poor little Silvie! They said that it can take 48-72 hrs before they show significant relief. We are keeping her on Motrin every 6 and Tylenol every 4. I hope she feels better soon. I just feel so bad when they cannot tell me what's wrong. When the cuddles and snuggles do not work with my girls, you know they really, really do not feel well.


loren said...

That's one thing I'm so glad we haven't gone through... how painful! I hope her ears are feeling better soon.

BTW, I changed your blog address on the blogroll.

Sugar Mommy said...

Thank you Loren!
Last night was so much better!
They were only up a couple times...

Thanks for changing the address.
How are things with your family? Did you go to the State Fair at all?

loren said...

No, we didn't get a chance to go, but my sister did. (On a bad note, she saw a little girl just after she got hit by a car when they were walking to the fair grounds. I'm still trying to find out what happened to her.)

You are more than welcome to the block party :) I'm gonna tell Brad to prepare himself for a lot more guests next year, lol.