Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We didn't see the Butter Cow

We spent the day at the State Fair yesterday. We had a great time being together, however, we did learn the girls are not quite ready to take the trip we planned to Chicago next month. Or maybe it would be better described as Mommy and Daddy are not ready for that! Maybe we will go somewhere alone. Haha. We departed from home about 10:30. Packed and ready to conquer the day! We only stopped twice on the way there. Pretty good for a 2 hour drive with 4 kids. When we arrived a very nice gentleman gave us 2 tickets on his way out. Nice $20.00 savings for us! We walked towards the games and rides, a "carnie" stopped me and handed me a dart. Here was his line: "Are those triplets? We have to win something for them." He hands me a dart, I miss, hands me another I make it. "For $5.00 I will give you 4 prizes, even if you miss." I thought, it's been a long time since I played darts, why not, I know I'll miss. Well, I hit all 3! Yeah me! The girls were awarded a plush rose. ooh aah! We walked on and Chloe spotted the rides and so we checked those out. Wow! They made a killing on the price to ride them! Chloe finally decided on the boats. Basically they are rafts with steering wheels and they spin in circles. For $4.00 she was able to ride for five minutes. Money well spent. After that Chloe and I rode on the sky glider. You know the one that takes you across the grounds in a ski lift type contraption. She loved that too. Again money well spent. We checked out the DNR building. We visited Fun Forest. Chloe made a fan and tossed some beanbags and have a balloon made into a fish and fishing pole. After that we ventured to "Perry's Exotic Petting Zoo". All 4 of the girls agreed this was their favorite part of the day! Chloe had a pony ride, more money well spent. Then we fed some animals. Goats, Llamas, a Zebra, an African Cow, Camels and Mommy's favorite, Kangaroos! Jocelyn loved the goats...she wasn't afraid of them like the last time. She even pet them! Silvie and Farrah just sat back and took it all in. They seemed to like the entire experience. We decided to attempt dinner time. Which was kind of when things went from great to a bit ugly. They all wanted down...They ate a little and when we tried to put Jocelyn back into the stroller, yeah, she wasn't having it. She spent the rest of the fair in the hip carrier, attached to Mommy. Chloe wanted one last ride on the ski glider. She Jocelyn was able to ride too, since she was attached to Mommy. When we were grounded we decided it was time to load em up. All in all it was good day. I did tell 3 different women on 3 different occasions "it's not nice to point". As they pointed at us from me to the computer screen away. We met 4 different triplet families. All whose kids were much older 4-16. They said oh, how they remembered when. Also adding that we were brave. None had ever taken their triplets anywhere when they were little. That made us feel good, or maybe nuts. I'm sure we will go again next year. Maybe make it tradition. I must say I am a bit disappointed that we ate nothing deep fried (which is good when I really think about it) and I didn't get to see the "butter cow". That's the goal for next year!


Nik said...

So glad you posted on my blog and I found yours! That is entirely awesome that you told 3 ladies not to point! Good for you! I wish I would have thought of that the day the lady pointed out my kids like they were another zoo exhibit!

Sugar Mommy said...

Me too! I think your blog is very inspiring! I love reading the posts! I watched your video! LOVE IT! Maybe you can relay to me how to make one. I cannot seem to figure it out.
On the pointing...most of the time I am friendly and understanding. But it gets a bit frustrating when you are just trying to be normal. The pointing takes me out of my "niceness". My Mom always taught me it was just plain rude to point! Especially when the person is less than a foot away from you! AGH!

Anonymous said...

I love you for telling people not to point!
Good for you for venturing out with 4 little ones--I myself wouldn't have the courage or energy. :) I barely have enough with two!

Sugar Mommy said...

we should take all 6 to the zoo sometime! You can do it!!!! We can do it!

Katie said...

Hi. I just found your blog through Nik's. Are you guys in Iowa?? That looks an awful lot like the Iowa State Fair. We are in Des Moines.

Mom to triplet girls....almost 4 years old