Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our Little "Chuck Adams"

Don't feel bad...I didn't know who that was either until this evening. Just to clarify he is "the only person who has harvested every North American big game species with a bow". My dear hubby is trying to turn our firstborn daughter into a "tomboy". At first I thought it was kind of cute. However recently he has been pressing it more and more. He even bought her a bow and (suction cup) arrows today. As I type, they are in the back yard shooting at the target. She is actually a fairly good shot too. She is so excited about it. She wants to go "shoot" animals with Daddy. He is so proud. He just grins from ear to ear. I keep telling him that once she realizes what hunting really is...she will cry and never ever want to do it. However, today she said, "Mommy, I want to shoot Bambi." I know...disturbing isn't it? I was actually pleading tonight, "Not my Chloe. Not my princess, not my Barbie girl, not the dress-up queen, make-up loving, my favorite color is pink, long haired, headband wearing, high maintenance, dancing, singing, baby doll loving, sweet little girl. She is mine. I'm worried.

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